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Re: Happy New Year

My RS is also a pearl '94. I am using a GPS streetpilot, by Garmin for many years and it saved me many times during long trips, from Montreal to Los Angeles. I attached the side bags so that I do not remove them for the night, I use a half bike cover to hide instruments from being picked by courious people, though I do remove the GPS. The cases has the protectors and reflecting 2" thk. tapes on them. I have no top case but tank-bag yes, which makes the horn go on every time I turn the bar too far to the left. I carry too many thing, tools, clothing, extra pair of shoes.

I have to do another L.A. trip because I still have a set of brand new BT-20s, which I am very happy with after trying several brand of tires. At 175,000 km mine does not really use oil, so I do not carry any oil with the RS but I do with the K75.

Does your bike pull to the right??? Mine did until I fixed it. If you'd like to know how it was fixed see www.robertsilas.com

Bob Silas

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Happy New Year to all,

I too still have my pearl '94 RS and didn't do as much riding as I'd have liked in 2010.

On a long trip I try and fit everything in the (full-sized) panniers and topcase. That way everything is locked up. I do also use a tankbag, but I can easily take that with. There's some empty space in the cases, but it can come in handy on wet rainy days when everything seems to take up more room.

I could probably save some room by getting a GPS and foregoing all of the AAA books and maps. I also carry quite a few tools, spare gas and oil filters, and an extra qt of synthetic engine oil.

I did add the beemer case scuff guards. There are two pieces for each case. The bottom guard great to protect the case from scratches when setting them on the ground. If I were doing it again I'd leave off the upper front guard.

Baby needs new shoes soon and I was thinking of replacing the BT-20's with BT-21's. However, I see Bridgestone has released a new model, the BT-23. Has anyone had any experience with them?

Happy ridin' in 2011.