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RE: Happy New Year

Hi Bob,

Ha ha, I think my son in law was in some trouble with his "girls" (wife
and two daughters) for forgetting to pack the playstation cord when they
went on from here to the sea side holiday (where it has been raining
steadily) so I think you can see the problem.

Anyway, had a very nice run with a decent breakfast en route and home in
time to watch some cricket (India vs SA).

Re post offices:  Yes I thought they were dead and buried here but read
on...  I was buying a BMW RT tankbag from someone at an iron ore mine
close to Namibia, 1000+km from here.  Well the counter to counter postal
service got the bag to me overnight - not remarkable for many countries
but I was impressed :>)  

The tankbag was in "as new" condition but the RH front strap arrangement
on full RH lock causes the throttle cable to tighten slightly and rev
the engine - will have to give the attachment point(s) some thought...

Clive Liddell

No more post office in South Africa???
Bob Silas

Best Wishes for the New Year!!  From a just-awakened South Africa...

All's well with the BMWs and I would write more but the RT has to carry
me some 250km starting in the next few minutes to meet my step-son half
way and drop off a "left behind" playstation cable - can you believe :>|

Clive Liddell