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RE: battery specs

The lock is now my primary issue.  With the cylinder out, I can get a large
flat bladed screwdriver in and turn the mechanism.  All the way clockwise
unlocks the tool tray cover.  All the way counter-clockwise - nothing.  It
like the cable / rod (?) came loose.

Can't seem  figure out how I would get it out to repair / replace.


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Hi Skipper,
   This is the battery I've been using for the past 6 years.
http://www.batteriesasap.com/48.html  I replace them at
the 3 or 4 year point. It is a 22AH AGM (NOT GEL) batt.
   Push the key cylinder back in or use a small screwdriver
to turn the latch while pushing down on the rear section of
the seat.
   Hope that helps....