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RE: It's A Gas <burp!>

The "O" rings in the quick disconnects have been known to dry and shrink a
very little bit when the bike sits idle. When that occurs, rub the rings
with a tiny dab of silicone grease (brake assembly lube works). As you've
discovered, riding the bike also helps. Sounds like all is well again.


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On 04/15/2011 03:17 PM, microdoc wrote:
> If you haven't already, I would try sniffing around the bike to get 
> some idea where the gasoline odor is strongest. That might give you a 
> hint where to look for a cracked or damp hose, seal or clamp.

I had indeed done so, and it seemed to be coming from just above the
right-hand jug. That was what made me think of the QD fittings. No visible
cracks in the hoses, nor dampness anywhere.

I think the issue must have been intimidated by the august wisdom of this
body, as it now appears to have gone away. When I started it for a test ride
there was no gas smell, nor when I stopped to bring the tires up to
pressure, nor after the ride. I suspect this one will return some day.

- Martin

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