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Re: Parking sticker removal from fork leg?

Peel off as much of the actual sticker as you can; if you're not afraid of scratching, a razor knife works, otherwise fingernails. Dissolve the adhesive with

1) Goo-Gone <http://www.magicamerican.com/googone.aspx>
2) WD-40

It takes some time to work, and some rubbing, but eventually the adhesive 'balls up' and rolls off.

On 5/5/2011 5:26 AM, Mark Rivera wrote:
I'd like to remove some parking/id stickers from the fork legs of my
97 R1100R. Does anyone have a recommendation for a solvent?

If it helps, they are made of "that reflective material".. not sure
what to call it. (One is a DoD sticker if that helps.)


Fulton Martin
San Diego, CA
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