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Re: Parking sticker removal from fork leg?

> I'd like to remove some parking/id stickers from the fork legs of my
> 97 R1100R. Does anyone have a recommendation for a solvent?
> If it helps, they are made of "that reflective material".. not sure
> what to call it. (One is a DoD sticker [...]

Problem solved.. Used a palm-sized wood plane. I tweaked the blade so
that there was a curvature behind the final edge (1000 sandpaper on a
sanding wheel). The curvature rode the surface of the fork such that
the blade edge did not scrape against it, but still managed to plow up
most of the sticker. Protected the fork by applying a bit of masking
tape to the face of the plane. The stickers were very thick and
frangible, so didn't cooperate with peeling. Hair dryer helped to get
it going by softening the sticker itself, I think. Petrol worked on
the adhesive but it took alot of elbow grease and time. Thanks all.