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Re: NOISY gear changes & other weird behavior - 2000 R1100R

<<I recently purchased a used 2000 R1100R with 22K miles. After putting closeto 1000 miles on it, I am experiencing some weird problems and hopingsomeone can shed light for me.1. On a few occasions, when coming to a stop, the rear wheel jerked (almostfelt like it went over a rock) and then the bike stopped. It started rightup, but was an extremely disconcerting feeling. I cannot seem to rememberexactly the sequence of events - but all the times I was slowing down andthe clutch was pulled in.2. Gear changes are becoming extremely noise, especially after riding for awhile. This is most pronounced going into first from Neutral. One time at astop light, I could swear that I scared a few drivers around me with theloud grinding noise. Going to second from first is scary as well.3. A few times at a stop light, I was in first with clutch pulled in, butwhen I started to go, the bike was in neutral. One time I thought that maybeI forgot to put it in first, but it happened again. Any advice is appreciated. ThanksAsh>> My advice is to drain the gear oil and check for metal particles or for a metallic sheen to the oil when viewed in sunlight.

I've heard this same description twice before. Both times, the problem was the front bearing on the transmission input shaft had disintegrated.

Do not ride the bike at all until this is repaired.

Tom Cutter
Yardley, PA 
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