The Breakfast Club: Mt Charlie

Sunday, 16 Feb 2020

Alberto was one of the first to get to the Country Inn this morning. Bob caught him paying attention to his phone.

At breakfast Harry said “mumble mumble Mt Charlie mumble mumble”. Sounded like an after breakfast ride plan. Leaving the restaurant we pulled onto De Anza and into the left hand lane to make a U-turn at the light. The light was not long enough for all bikes to make it through on a single green. By the time Dave and Mike G and I got a chance to make the turn Harry et al were long gone.

I led Dave and Mike to Mt Charlie. We rode it down to Scotts Valley where we picked up Zayante to ride back up to Summit. From there we took Skyline and stopped at Alice’s. During our stop we saw an excellent example of how to burn up $200 worth of rubber in 30 seconds as a Harley rider drew a near perfect circle on the pavement about 10-12 feet in diameter with his rear tire, never putting his foot down nor letting off the gas. Sorry, no pics or video of that display of skill.