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Re: Fog lights not working

In a message dated 11/12/2003 12:56:48 PM Eastern Standard Time, djwebb@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> In fact up until last night I have never had the need to use them since I
> have owned the bike. My problem is that when I attempt to engage the fog
> lights - via the rocker switch above the above the radio display nothing
> happens i.e. all other lights contiunue to work except the 
> fog lights do

Have you tired reading the mauel? Yeah I know dumb idea...  I don't know for sure but I bet since they are fog lights they will not operate on high beam, try turning on the low beam and they might come on.

I know I had some bosch fog lights I added to my car and they told me to do it that way.  Generally with fog lights you won't run your high beam, if there really is fog.