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RE: Fog lights not working

David, you wrote:
> Please excuse my technical ignorance however I have the following question
> regarding the functioning of the front fog lights on my R1150RT.
> In fact up until last night I have never had the need to use them since I
> have owned the bike. My problem is that when I attempt to engage the fog
> lights - via the rocker switch above the above the radio display nothing
> happens i.e. all other lights contiunue to work except the fog lights do
> not. Any ideas - is there a separate fuse for these lights ? 

and then Paige wrote:

> Have you tired reading the mauel? Yeah I know dumb idea...  I don't know for sure but I bet since they are fog lights they will not operate on high beam, try turning on the low beam and they might come on.
> I know I had some bosch fog lights I added to my car and they told me to do it that way.  Generally with fog lights you won't run your high beam, if there really is fog.  

The fog lights _do_ work with both the low and high beams on the 
R1150RT.  I would check the manual to see which fuse(s) are involved and 
then check the switch.  Better still - it is under warranty, let the 
dealer do the work!

- -- 

Barry ('04 R1150RT)
Roslyn Heights, N.Y.

Ride hard and ride well.