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Fog Lights not Working


Barry is right, let the dealer fix it.   It's probably the switch.  These
switches and the handlebar switches can get a slight corrosion on the
contacts...just enough to make them not engage.  Lots of people get this on
their high beam switch on R1100 switchgear.  I've had the dash switches
misbehave similarly.   Usually snapping the switch on and off several times
will loosen up this stuff and get the switch operational again.   After
doing this, I didn't have another problem for two years, but I may be the
exception.  This is probably what the dealer will try first, so it might be
easier to just try it yourself...about 10 spirited ons and offs with the
ignition off should do the trick.

There's some great goop available called dielectric grease.  I got my little
tube from the card rack at the Honda shop.   Put this stuff on all your
contacts and switches and never have another problem.  Works very well with
the handlebar switches.

A way to determine if the fuse is the problem is that when the fog light
switch is off, the little symbol on the switch is on.  This is so you can
see the switch at night.   You can't tell in bright light, but it does show
prominently at night.  If you don't have this indicator, the switch is not
getting power and it's probably a fuse.

I find these fog lights very handy on dark roads for scouting Bambi and
eliminating the hard edges that the low beam projects.   The fog lights are
nice and diffused and give a general flood of the sides of the road.   Turn
them off on 4-lanes, though.  They drive the traffic in your lane nuts by
dazzling through the side view mirrors.

- -TB


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