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Re: Battery vs. Tender

Martin:  First, I finally had to replace the OE battery on my RS.  It 
would hold enough charge to start the bike but not to activate the 
ABS.  Nearly eight years isn't so bad.  But I feel compelled to add 
my $0.02:

James H. Nazarian, Ph.D. wrote:

>Battery Tenders make good float chargers, but very bad "battery 
>chargers". Give the battery a full charge on a real battery charger, 
>then maintain the battery on the float charger.

I have no scientific credential to back me up, but I would heartily 
disagree.  I have a seven year old battery in my R90 that I brought 
to initial charge with the Battery Tender that is still strong as 
lysol.  It is my understanding that most commercially available 
chargers (automotive in nature, *not* motorcycle specific ones) will 
*over*charge a motorcycle battery when initially filled and charged. 
It is my further understanding and experience that the controlled 
amperage of the BT works perfectly well at the initial charge and 
conditioning of a new battery.  This is with a conventional lead-acid 
battery; we shall see if my luck holds with the new BMW gel cell.

BUT, being an old airhead economist...the Harbor Freight option 
sounds pretty good if you need multiple units.  I just shuffle the BT 
between bikes, the lawn tractor, etc.

BTW, I do the same thing that William Kenney does; connecting the BT 
to the bikes before the AC.

I would disagree with Bruce regarding automotive chargers' 
"automatic" capability.  I believe that the BT's circuitry is much 
more sensitive to charge rate and maintenance than most automotive 
units and is much less likely to cook a MC battery.  I can *almost* 
ignore electrolyte level it is so accurate.

Obviously, YMMV.
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