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Re: battery tender

In a message dated 12/14/03 3:19:45 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
lodahl@xxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> Well, Tom, I'd venture to say that the 1150 Roadster may be the exception,
> for even the most rapid of wrenches.  It took me over three hours yesterday,
> feeling my way along and trying not to damage anything.  Granted, less than
> a half-hour to button it back up, once I knew what to expect.  Nevertheless,
> this is a ridiculous amount of effort for a necessary maintenance task.

Maybe this is a case where I have forgotten the benefit of 30 years 
experience, as I did a complete 12K service on a Roadster a month or so ago, including 
battery inspection/service, and the whole job clocked at 2.75 hours. Sometimes 
i forget that everybody doesn't take BMWs apart all day every day.