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Re: Battery vs. Tender

 > >Battery Tenders make good float chargers, but very bad "battery 
 > >chargers". Give the battery a full charge on a real battery charger, 
 > I have no scientific credential to back me up, but I would heartily 
 > disagree.  I have a seven year old battery in my R90 that I brought 

Depends upon the "tender" according to Motorcycle Consumer News in their
Feb 2001 issue.   They tested a bunch of charger/tenders for three

 1) Initialization: first time charging of a new battery
 2) Maintenance: the ability to maintain a charge without so high of
    a voltage as to boil off battery water.
 3) Restoration: re charging a discharged battery.

The "Battery Tender 6A" was excellent in all 3 areas.   The Junior got
4.5 out of 5 in Restoration.   The "Battery Tender Plus" was 3.5 out of
5 in Maintenance and 4.5 of 5 in Restoration.

Chargers rated 15 of 15 were

  Battery Tender 6A
  Yuasa 1.5A
  Yuasa 900 mA

// marc