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Re: battery tender

In a message dated 12/14/03 10:28:22 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
ABSDoug@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

  Tom, all,

  I am completely lacking battery knowledge. I haven't owned a car in 4
years, so all I've done is make sure it has water. I've replaced the battery
once in those 4 years, heard that is good for Florida. I have "Century"
Model 87062 charger. Has a 2A/12V "low rate charge". Also has a "6A/6V"
"High rate charge". So is this charger all I need or totally useless for
maintaining a battery?
  I will be *trying* to ride at least once a week for more than 15 miles,
but sometimes that might turn into every three weeks, who knows. ABS faults
if the bike sits over a week. Shut it off, start it up, no fault. No
worries? Is every three weeks @ 50-700 enough to charge the battery? What
mileage count burns off any undesirable contaminates a short ride would

<<< Repeat every six weeks. >>>

  Sounds like I don't qualify to worry about the battery at all, or am I

<<< three weeks in hot weather. >>>

  50-700 considered "hot". In Florida, the 500 part is considered "cold".
Not trying to rub it in <grin>, but seriously... do I have anything extra to
do to my battery


       You have the right charger for good battery health, as long as you 
monitor the electrolyte level during charging. You can't just hook it up and 
forget it. If you recharged the depleted battery with the charger you have, then 
connect a Battery Tender to keep the float charge, it would last indefinitely. 

       Of course, riding 15+ miles weekly willl pretty much do the job 
anyways. It might help to go just a bit further just to make sure it is fully warmed 
up. Good excuse to extend the weekly ride.



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