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XM radio, partly R1150RT mods

Just wanted to say I'm impressed with how this list has picked up in

Yes, the GS tubes on the RT I believe require you to run Premium to avoid
'possible' pinging...that has been the reports I've received
anyway...however, I prefer HP these days to Torque, such as it is on my RT
:)  Just for the record, I don't disagree with any mods, including mine own,
that have been posted.

I'm looking at wiring up a Roady XM receiver and would like to know if
anyone is using direct earphone output, and if so, how is the volume?  will
a Y connector to a second helmet work?  I'm trying to put off a Starcom or
Autocom unit at the moment.  I don't have the factory radio installed.

Also, I haven't been following too closely lately, but doesn't anyone have a
web area where we can upload pics, diagrams, etc?  I don't have enough space
on my site to set that up, but I would volunteer to open a freebie photo
site and give everyone the login and password to upload, unless someone has
a better idea.

John H. Outlan CPA
321-415-0234 (Fax)