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Re: 2002 R1150RT Recommended Mods II

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From: "Minor, Bob" <MinorB@xxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Tuesday, December 30, 2003 4:02 PM
Subject: RE: 2002 R1150RT Recommended Mods II

> Using GS tubes on an RT or RS is great, but again, this works much
> > better on
> > an 1100 than an 1150.  The guys who've tried this from other lists have
> > reported pinging at higher RPMs, like in passing situations etc.   Bob
> > Lentini blew a hole in a piston after 87K miles.  He advocated
> > mid-grade
> > gas, larger valve lash clearances, Autolite spark plugs (which are a
> > bit
> > longer than stock) and advanced timing.   I don't know if he used GS
> > tubes
> > on his RS, but something he was doing or some combination of what he
> > was
> > doing caused a severe problem over time.
> >
> >
> <Rob Lentini was also at that time trying to be frugal and burning lower
> octane gas. With advanced timing that is not a good thing.>
> Based on Lentini's experience is anyone afraid of the Autolite's?  In my
early efforts to eliminate surging they (surprisingly) provided a clear
improvement over the stock Bosch plugs.  I've used them ever since.

I used the Autolites in my 95 'GS for about 21K out of 34K miles, for the
same reason, and saw no problems.  I'm considering the 3922's in my RT.

John H. Outlan CPA
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