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re: BMW Motorcycles featured prominently in Cycle World magazine

re:  Cycle World's tone is sending signals that BMW Motorrad has shaken the "slow, heavy, underpowered motorcycles with 'character', made for eccentric, affluent gentlemen" image. (Steve)

Too bad.

Better to say "moved away from" rather than "shaken," as there's nothing wrong with former.

Clearly any company that sells a 507-hp M5 ought to have some performance motorcycles, but OTOH they don't sell very many and the other vehicles have to have some redeeming characteristics other than outrageous performance to be successful.

Rather than calling Cycle World's viewpoint "racist," which is frankly quite accurately descriptive, I'd rather call it immature and testosterone-overdosed.  It sells a lot of iron and is a tried and true formula.  Like the Marlboro man in fact.  BTW, all girls like beer.

Kent Christensen