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RE: BMW Motorcycles featured prominently in Cycle World magazine

Bob MacFarland) wrote:

>I kind of think that bringing our a new boxer (1200 hexhead) runs counter to
the idea that they're trying to kill it.

You're probably right. I just remember the '80s and how the K bike was "the"
future. Thankfully that didn't come to pass.

>There are reports of stock R1200's putting out 103 bhp at the rear wheel, so
I suggest that you ride one of the new generation before suggesting they're
down on power. Apologies if you already have.

No, I haven't, good point, and the flyer I just got from my local dealer
actually touts 110 HP. And I presume it weighs less than the K, thus favorable
power/weight implications. But it also mentioned the K's 167 HP, which cast a
pretty big shadow.

It's premature for me to even discuss new bikes; my R11RS doesn't get replaced
until it has 100k on it.

And chances are, not even then.