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Re: BMW Motorcycles featured prominently in Cycle World magazine

Hello All,

> re:  Cycle World's tone is sending signals that BMW Motorrad has shaken 
> the "slow, heavy, underpowered motorcycles with 'character', made for 
> eccentric, affluent gentlemen" image. (Steve)
> Too bad.
> Better to say "moved away from" rather than "shaken," as there's nothing 
> wrong with former.
> Clearly any company that sells a 507-hp M5 ought to have some performance 
> motorcycles, but OTOH they don't sell very many and the other vehicles 
> have to have some redeeming characteristics other than outrageous 
> performance to be successful.
> Rather than calling Cycle World's viewpoint "racist," which is frankly 
> quite accurately descriptive, I'd rather call it immature and 
> testosterone-overdosed.  It sells a lot of iron and is a tried and true 
> formula.  Like the Marlboro man in fact.  BTW, all girls like beer.

Before this thread gets waaaaay out of hand, please note that the expression 
"slow, heavy, underpowered ..." is NOT  a quote from Cycle World, but 
rather, it is my description of the tone set by the article. I suggest that 
people read the article before they form an opinion on it.

- -Steve Makohin
 '01 R1100S/ABS
 Oakville, Ontario, Canada