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RE: Brake bleeder?

That was HEAT that Tom wanted to say to you.   I am chiming in because I
found a small 1/2" open ended wrench to give a better purchase than a 13mm
on the flats of this "adapter".   It came off quite easily by playing a heat
gun on it while keeping pressure on the wrench.   Also I did mine when I had
the wheel off to avoid any fluid on the rim...
Clive Liddell
Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
'96 R850R ~77kkm
'01 R1100RT ~57kkm

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> <<On my left front brake  caliper (1999 R1100S, non-ABS) is an ordinary
> looking bleeder nipple and  rubber cap.
> But on my right caliper in the corresponding spot is a 1 inch  long
> plastic cylinder about 7/16 in diameter. On the end of that cylinder
> (with the head sort of facing the gas tank) is  a small   phllips-head
> screw oriented down into the caliper, like into the hole where  the
> bleeder hole would be, through the center of the cylinder.
> What  is this little cylinder? Is it used for bleeding the brakes
> somehow?>>
> That is the "grub screw" fitting  used with BMW's dealer-only pressure
> bleeding apparatus. You can remove the grub  screw and collar and
> fit a speed
> bleeder or standard bleed nipple like the the  other side. Hint,
> use HEA to break
> the very strong Loctite used on the collar  and screw.
> You can do the same thing on the clutch  bleeder ssetup, which is
> cleverly
> hidden along the frame cross tube inside a  foam sleeve.
> Tom Cutter
> Yardley, PA
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