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Re: Brake bleeder?

Bob Hadden kbhadden@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

>I put Spiegler on my R1100RS a couple years back.  Made absolutely no
>difference in the spongy feeling of the brakes.  They worked great, but
>didn't have that rock solid feel of pre abs regular breaks.

I believe that sponginess is inherent with the ABS. When I had ABS, I did
several scheduled fluid changes and was NEVER able to achieve a good firm feel
at the lever.

I removed the ABS and installed Galfer braided lines, and the lever feel was
instantly firm, predictable, and EXACTLY what I was hoping for.

Yes, I changed two variables, so as an "experiment" these are inconclusive
results. I think it entirely likely that a firm lever feel would have also
been acheived with rubber lines; I did not put a braided line on the rear, and
it's also definitely firmer than it used to be--but being a foot control it's
hard to judge how much.

John D