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Re: Brake bleeder?

In a message dated 4/27/05 10:13:07 AM Eastern Standard Time,  
dr.ben@xxxxxxxxx writes:
<<Like a speedbleeder or some checkvalve  mechanism? Is there any way to 
attach a MityVac to the thing?

For  removal, I suppose heating with a cigarette-lighter-type butane 
torch would  be good. Unaccustomed as I am to newish bikes, I am finding 
many of the  screws on my 1999 R1100S to be rather tight... PIA.>>

No, it is a proprietary fitting that BMW uses on their bleeder  equipment. 
They are trying to force riders to have their "complex" braking  systems 
serviced by trained dealers. Only problem is that some dealer mechanics  don't care 
to get trained adequately.

You just unscrew  the whole fitting and screw in a regular bleed nipple or a 
speed bleeder, then  use your MityVac, although I have had trouble getting a 
MityVac to work due to  the large volume of the ABS system. I use a Snap-On 
vacuum  bleeder:

The  little butane pinpoint torch worked perfect.

Tom Cutter
Yardley,  PA
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