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Re: 1100 Brakes

Hi there,

I was lurking on this list years ago but quit because I was tired being 
unsubbed multiples times... I wanted for a long time to come back and lurk 
again, see if I could bring my 0.02 euro. Seems I'm in -).

For the "old subscibers", I do still ride my '98 R11R with ABS (140000km+)

|  The sponginess was no longer an issue for me after that.   These pads are
|  cheaper than OEM pads by a few bucks as well.   A terrific discovery back in
|  the day...
At 60000km I changed my OEM for Carbone Lorraine pads.
The feeling was greatly improved, bno more "spongy" brakes,
but the pads are quite agressive with the 
rotors : 80000km later, the rotors are not "new" any more (they were actually 
at the first swap).
Because the price is as expensive as the OEM, and considering the disc wear,
I revert to the OEM tonight : I'll tell you as soon as I'm back from a week