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Re: BMW Motorcycles featured prominently in Cycle World magazine

Thanks.  The magazine is for the editor of the Hungarian Veteran Bike paper who read something about a letter in the one I gave him, about the Motorcycle Diary, I saw the movie too, but he' like to read this article. So now I have the task to find that copy.
Thanks for the help.
And hope to see you this Summer.
I'll be leaving on bike for Denver to meet up with my son and ride 10=12 days. On the way out or the way in, we may get together for a coffee, if you can.
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  "Robert Silas" <robert.silas@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

  > If it is possible, please send me the publisher's address of the "Cycle
  > thanks in advance

  Cycle World magazine can be found on the web at www.cycleworld.com where you
  can also find their newsstand and contact info. I got the issue on the stands.
  The June '06 issue has more info about the new RT. From their web site:
    "Totally redesigned, the BMW R1200RT is lighter, more power and better
  handling. But by how much? Contributing Editor Steve Anderson takes the latest
  German sport-tourer for a ride and gave us this CW Riding Impression, "We can
  tell you, too, that the RT is, overall, a spectacular luxury tourer that also
  can do a fair imitation of a sportbike."
  -Steve Makohin
   '01 R1100S/ABS
   Oakville, Ontario, Canada


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