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New to list & Suspension settings question

I figured since I've got a question I should introduce myself first:

Last weekend I purchased a 2002 R1150r. I purchased this one for everyday 
use replacing my 1975 R90/6 (I still have it but it needs a little 
electrical work). I started riding in September when I purchased the 
R90/6.  While I enjoy riding my airhead I made the mistake of testing 
riding the 1150r about a month ago and found that I really didn't want to 
let the dealer keep it till December. It's like going from Dos prompt to 
Windows 3000 (you really can't compare the bikes).

So I've been riding it only a week and I've got a question about suspension 
settings for solo riding on the curves (plan to head down highway 1 to 
Santa Cruz from San Francisco this weekend).

Currently I have the settings set based on the little manual that came with 
the bike for solo riding. Is this the setting I would want to use while 
playing in the curves? I'm not a big guy (5'7" 165lb). The reason I'm 
asking this is compared to riding my R90/6 it seems that the rear end of 
the 1150r moves around a lot more.

Also if there's a website that I could go to too find out a little more 
about the bike (like settings and so forth) that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for any advice you can offer.

gregory appling

2002 R1150r
1975 R90/6
ABC# 8111
BMWMOA # 117910
San Francisco, CA