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Re: Spark plugs

Ben,  I think Tom is right in saying that we don't really know why most 
of this stuff works.  But, you are also right in saying that if it 
works, don't argue, just go with it.

To further beat that concept into the ground.  It's interesting to read 
the many statements about what the fuel injection system does and 
doesn't do when you do things like pull the cat code plug.  I don't 
think for a minute that anyone really knows what the programing in the 
computer is, so it's all just speculation as far as I am concerned.

The Autolites worked great for me.  I recommend them.  If they don't 
work in your bike, try something else until you find a plug that is 
helpful.  Also note that this single projected plug idea is also 
working wonders on the F650.  I will be trying them in my 1200GS soon 
enough.  The bike runs great, but at idle it is missing to beat the 
band.  I am sure the Autolite solution will work here too.

Bob Hadden '05R12GS, '62R27

On Jun 10, 2005, at 10:36 AM, Ben Barkow wrote:

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> 2. I think we can all do without you posting stupid patronizing crap 
> like "In the end we (and that includes you, Ben) don't really know why 
> things work." Not too helpful, Tom, eh?
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> Ben
> Toronto