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Re: Spark Plugs

At 05:30 PM 6/10/2005 -0400, Bruno Valeri wrote:
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>From: "Tom Brown" <tbrown@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Spark Plugs
> > I mentioned the late, great Bob Lentini because he swore by them and holed
> > couple pistons once.
> > It probably had more to do with his modified timing settings and choice of
> > but the longer plugs may have contributed.  I don't want to do anything
> > might shorten the useful life of my bike.
>This is vague in memory here, but didn't Rob do a post mortem and come up
>with a probable cause.
>Did it have something to do with choice of non-OEM gas filter??  I faintly
>paid attention at the time, but don't remember if he attributed the result
>to plugs.
>Anyone remember?

I talked to Rob at length about his failure on the 50cc ride.  Pretty sure it
was the small capacity fuel filter he selected the first time.  It's 
was suspected to be less than the engine needed and he was therefore
running lean a lot of the time.  Sure looked like it when I saw the piston.