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Re: BMW brakes in the news

In a message dated 7/5/05 8:47:19 PM Eastern  Standard Time, 
wateredg@xxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
anyone remember  the media frenzy that took place about Audi's "Unintended 
Acceleration"  issue, which after numerous lawsuits and media shark-feedings, 
was finally  attributed to "pedal misapplication"?>>

That  was NOT the real cause of the "unintended accelleration" on the Audi 
5000S. The  throttle linkage had an internally-spring-loaded, tubular, 
telescoping linkage,  for some obscure reason. if the throttle butterfly stop screw was 
set too low,  the throttle plate could stick in the throttle body bore, while 
the driver  continued to press the pedal down. When the spring force finally 
overcame the  stuck throttle plate, the plate would snap open to whatever 
position the  driver's foot had achieved. The fix was to drill a hole in the 
tubular  telescoping linkage and insert a cotter pin, so that the spring-loaded 
feature  was defeated. 

The BMW 3.0 CS had the same linkage  design. One of the service staff at 
Butler & Smith drove one onto, then over  and off the floor lift, and into a wall, 
when this happened. Luckily for him, we  were able to replicate the condition 
and prove that he hadn't just "f**ked up",  so he kept his job after 
destroying the boss's car.

Tom  Cutter
Yardley, PA
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