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Re: [BMWMc] BMW bikes in the news - Cycle Canada July '05

On 7/15/05, A guy wasting time in Marin <teamkbasa@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Discussion with the BMW staff at the BMW tent at MotoGP indicates that
> no less than 5 new bikes are coming our way from BMW.

Three of the new 800s. A half fairing sport bike. A touring bike and a naked
version. Looks like there'll be a new 650 single with a BMW built motor
soon. And there are already photos of a K1200GT.

Looks like the 800s will all be belt drive. Which makes me wonder about that
chain drive mule that was running around in Europe. I still think that
they're going to bring out a GS version of the 800.

Eleven new models was what they were talking about. I think that there are
four at this moment. The eleven new models comment came after the R12GS was