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Re: Introduction

In a message dated 8/25/05 3:47:26 AM Eastern  Standard Time, cdegroot@gmai
l.com writes:
<<Anyway, here I am, boxer  lover, oilhead newbie, planning not to wrench
too much - the BMW dealership  is not even half a mile from my house
and I need the bike to commute, it's my  only transport - but still
craving for knowledge about the new  machine.>>

Welcome aboard, Cees. There are a few  names here that may already be 
familiar to you...

We  do not have anywhere near the amount of list traffic here, nor the level 
of  intense Oilhead expertise that you found on the AirList. The really good 
Oilhead  mechanics are still working in dealerships and too busy to post to the 
net.  Also, lots of Oilhead ownes are members of the "beeg" list, the IBMWR 
and  IBMWR-Tech lists, so that dilutes participation a bit.  

That notwithstanding, we have some fun over here.  

Tom Cutter
Yardley,  PA