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Re: Newbie

I don't know how much cheaper it would be over OEM, but FWIW I've  
been very, very pleased with Chase Harper products and they have such  
a wide selection of tank bags and mounting kits surely something  
would fit?


(Currently using a Chase Harper bag on my '97 R850R on a N. America  
trip, 11,000km + so far since July 7 and counting!)

On 26-Aug-05, at 8:49 AM, Robert Silas wrote:

> I do not remember, do you have an RS???
> If you have, the RS' tank not made of steel, so magnetic bags  
> cannot be used.
> Bob Silas
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>   Sent: Thursday, August 25, 2005 7:31 PM
>   Subject: Re: Newbie
>   Oh yeah - one pressing issue: if I don't want to plunk down 195  
> euros
>   for an OEM tankbag, what are my options? I'm easily satisfied - the
>   cheapo magnetic tankbags I used so far worked just fine, I'm just  
> not
>   sure what I can mount on that huge chunk of bodywork I'm looking at
>   when I sit on the bike :)