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Re: Introduction

On 8/26/05, Steve Makohin <wateredg@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> It occurs typically in lower to mid RPM, at steady throttle or while
> accelerating lightly, and under light load. The engine appears to lose
> power, then will regain power and appear to accelerate slightly with no
> throttle change. 
Nope. Nothing there, sorry... The throttle does just what I want,
nothing more, nothing less... It's my first fuel injection bike, I
heard a lot about 'on/off' effects, but nothing to that end either. It
just stays where it is, could be a couple of Bings doing the work down

> My preference for describing an Oilhead's character is "controlled" and
> "stable".

A mere matter of taste :-)

> I suspect you'll enjoy your RT for a good, long time.
Oh yes, I will. I'm adjusting it already, ordered the bar raisers and
the mechanic throttle friction control from Wunderlich today
> By the way, you sound like a long-time BMW Oilhead veteran with your GPS :-)
Little secret: these things work on Airheads as well.

Actually, I bought it new in April. The reason I bought the V is that
I like to get off the bike, change my biking boots for hiking boots,
and walk. 4 AA batteries, flip the screen 90 degrees, and you have an
excellent hiking GPS.

I now have a RAM mount attached to one of the handlebar bolts, works
like a charm.