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RE: Battery longevity?

There are a couple of things you can try to stretch your battery life:

1. After switching on, wait for 10 to 15 seconds before trying to start.
This seems to stabilise the battery voltage and works well for me.  I hate
having to stop and re-start.

2. I have a gentle down slope of 2 or 3 yards out of my garage.  What I
sometimes do is run the bike back out while turning to end up facing
somewhat down the little slope.   Again switch on but, before starting, let
the bike run and the ABS will "engage".  Then start and all will be well!

A new battery is really the answer but my occasional ABS non-event is only
on a cool morning and the first start of the day.

Clive Liddell
Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
'96 R850R ~79k.km
'01 R1100RT ~60k.km

> '95 GS - Starts fine never feels like it is turning over slowly,
> however I am experiencing the ABS not activating.  After I ride a
> mile or so, turn the bike off and re-start the ABS kicks in as
> expected.  Reading the manual, it seems that this may be related
> to a weak battery.  Checked the battery and the P.O. wrote on it
> "installed 10/01."  This means the battery is almost four years
> old. I ride regularly and rarely use my Battery Tender.  Time for
> new battery?
> dean
> 95 Triumph Sprint
> 95 GS
> 92 Heritage