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Re: Battery longevity?

Battery is the soul of every gasoline engine. (unless magneto)
Why not buy a new one??  My son and I were 6,000 km from home when a perfectly good, but old, battery died from one minute to the next.  I keep an acid battery for 3, max...... 4 seasons and I replace it with a new one, needed or not. 

So far (7 years) I always used BMW batteries. This spring I was told that BMW does not use/make acid battery anymore, I had to buy a gel battery for Can.$208 + tax, double of an acid battery. Damn expensive but cheaper than having battery trouble at places where none can be found which fits the space.  If a battery cannot keep 12.62 volts for over a month, I change it. But that's me, it's not a rule.
Bob Silas


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