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Re: Of belt drives and rear end failures

Bob Hadden wrote:
> For the record, the belt for the F650CS is $240 US list price.  I would 
> think that dealers would stock this sort of item so there would be no 
> delay in getting back on the road.  On the CS, belts last for up to 
> 90,000 miles without much maintenance at all.  Higher hp twins might 
> need a bigger belt or need replacement more often.
> Bob Hadden '05R12GS, '62R27
> On Sep 12, 2005, at 6:21 AM, Timo Viitanen wrote:
>> All of the belt driven bikes I know (not too many) use special belts 
>> that have to be ordered from the bike manufacturer. They do not use 
>> industrial standard size belts. So the ordering will take weeks or in 
>> worst cases months (depending on the bike brand) and the prices are 
>> approx 400-600Euros (500-740USD).
>> So it is as catastrofic, as slow to get the parts and not so cheap. 
>> And one bit of stone in wrong place will cause the failure 
>> automatically... :(
>> /Timo (R1100RT)

I just checked from the local dealer. The belt is 265Eur (325USD)and 
the wheels are 415Eur (510USD). No stock, everything has to be ordered 
(from Germany) and takes approx 2 weeks... So the prices with BMW are 
more reasonable than with some Japanese customs... :)

/Timo (R1100RT)