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BMWMOA Mileage Contest Ends Tonight

BMWMOA Members,

Today is the last day for the 2005 mileage contest.  If you submitted a
starting form in April, miles on BMWs ridden through 11:59pm local time
count.  If you did not get the form out of this month's BMW ON, it is
available online at
http://www.bmwmoa.org/mileage/Mileage%20Contest-2005End.pdf .

All that is required is a single signature from a fellow President who is
not a member of your family, plus you can also sign the forms of fellow
Presidents.  Remember that you are President of BMWMOA Chartered Club
#244.  Forms must be mailed to Karol Patzer at BMWMOA headquarters and
postmarked no later than November 15, 2005.

Robert Munday...   Montgomery, AL    `98 R11CHP    `95 R1100RSL
Village Idiot    Rolling Broccoli Rider    BOOF #131    SR#2
Nebraska Nightriders    Big Sioux Riders    Indy BMW Club    
Beemer Hill Riders    EC Riders    Trustee, BMWMOA Foundation    
Keeper Of The List    *Iron Bunny*

on assignment in Dayton, OH