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Re: Tyre Pressure

On 10/9/05, JOHN REED <scrignac@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I know this is an old chestnut BUT, I have just fitted BT020's on my R100 RT
> (97) and have had everybody and their dog recommending different pressures.
> I usually ride solo, quite a lot of dual carriageway and weigh about 70  75
> kilos (11 stone and a bit) Preload is backed of to softish as I am quite
> light.
> Has anyone found an ideal disregarding Bridgestone and BMW's recommendations
> which are wildly different?


The tire manufacturer will give a MAX psi (um.. pounds per square
inch) at MAX weight (pounds, kilos, whatever).  less weight, less psi
(or whatever measure you use for tire pressure).  The BMW
recommendation would be with a typical load.  You might start out at
the solo rider recommendation and work (probably down) from there. 
You should experience a ten percent or so difference between cold and
warm (ride 15 minutes or more on hot pavement) pressures.  Less
difference, decrease pressure; more than ten percent difference,
increase pressure.  You can get quite anal about this, or just leave
it at the recommended solo rider pressure.

- -Greg Guithues
R1100GS (oh, about 36psi front, 40psi rear)