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Re: Transmission Paranoia

In a message dated 10/9/05 1:14:35 PM Eastern  Standard Time, 
lodahl@xxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
<<The warranty on my '02  R1150R runs out next month.  In the last couple of
months, it's begun to  occasionally happen that when I go to downshift from 2
to 1 (or sometimes  from 3 to 2), my quick dab at the pedal meets not with
the usual smooth and  precise shift, but with unyielding resistance, as if
the clutch were still  engaged and the power on.  Dabbing at it again once or
twice usually  frees it.  Does this mean my gearbox is preparing to spill its
guts,  once it's sure the warranty has expired?>>

No. It means that  the clutch is not disengaging fully. Check or bleed the 
clutch fluid. It could  also be an indication that the input shaft spline needs 
to be lubricated, which  usually isn't indicated until 60+K miles, except in 
extremely humid/salty  conditions.

Tom Cutter
Yardley,  PA


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