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Re: BMWMOA Mileage Contest Ends Tonight

Robert W Munday writes:
 > Again, sorry to have confused the Oilheads.

More confusion for oilheads, at least the readers of the oilheads
mailing list.... The mailing list is *not* associated with any particular

 >  Oilheads
 > have a structure with a single president and club officers.

There is a club that has such a structure, but it has *nothing* to do
with this mailing list.  According to the MOA website it is the
International Oilheads Club #259 -- http://www.oilheadsclub.org
That's not us.

The oilheads mailing list is *not* an MOA chartered club.  Not that this
is a good or bad thing, just want to keep the facts straight.

// marc