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A few years ago, I was riding with a friend, me on my R1150R and he on his
Sprint-RS.  His clutch linkage fell apart and pieces "clinked" off onto the
roadway, but I'm the "be prepared" type and had a set of tools and hardware
squirreled away over the airbox, enabling us to put his Triumph back
together.  He got out a tube of anti-seize as part of the job.  Since then,
I bought a tube (copper-colored stuff) and slipped it into a corner in the
bike, but that's where it ends - I've never used it.

Questions:  Where is anti-seize compound typically needed?  Is it silly to
carry it for road repairs (it tends to leak out of the container)?  If BMW
specifies a torque value for a bolt, is that a sign NOT to use the stuff?  I
think of tough-to-remove lug bolts.


'02 R1150R