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Re: Autolite 3923 washer

In a message dated 11/10/05 6:40:11 AM Eastern  Standard Time, marr@xxxxxxxx 
Thanks, all, for the instruction to keep  the washers on when installing 
the plugs. The packaging had advice for the  fraction of a turn that 
should be applied after 'finger tight', and gave  different amounts based 
on whether or not the washer was to be used for the  particular motor 
(gasket seat vs tapered seat). It made me wonder. As for  the 
'finger-tight' method, I'll be using a torque wrench  instead.>>

The package is a generic label used for all Autolite  plugs. Some plugs in 
some automotive applications do not use a gasket, instead  they rely on a 
tapered seat to guarantee sealing and good heat transfer.  

A safe rule of thumb for all gasketed spark plugs is simple: install  finger 
tight, then tighten 1/8 turn more for used plugs, 1/4 turn for new plugs  the 
first time only. The extra 1/8 turn forms the gasket the first  time.

A lot of problems are introduced because vehicle owners feel  comfortable 
fooling around with their spark plugs. Spark plugs are technically  sophisticated 
devices, just like every other part of your engine and auxiliary  systems. 
Find out how to do it right before you go tearing  in.

Tom Cutter
Yardley,  PA