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You probably have ABS II.  On my '94 RS I have the first generation ABS which has too long of a release time. I really like ABS but it happened that I had the feeling that ABS does not let me brake and I will hit the person stopped suddenly ahead of me.  I wish I had ABS II.

Steve presented a very well written and researched report on ABS but, I think, you all omitted a case. That is, when you WANT TO put the bike down, on purpose, not as a result of your braking.  This happened to me long ago with a KS600 Boxer. I saved the life of a bicycle rider who turned suddenly in front of me. The price was, a worn off valve cover and handle bar end and damage to my clothing.  I don't think that I could do this with ABS, however to me, it is safer to have a low-sider than hit something head on and fly over it.
Bob Silas