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Re: Autolite 3923 washer

In a message dated 11/10/2005 6:06:45 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
Tpcutter@xxxxxxx writes:

Tom, Tom, Tom,

You are answering questions like a politician. You are totally avoiding  one 
of the questions and attempting to redirect the focus on the other.

Permit me to refresh your memory:
My first question in response to your statement: "DO NOT apply Anti-Seize to 
spark plug threads. You will end up overtorquing the plug and stripping out 
the thread in the head" was:
1) <<If one uses a Torque Wrench and tightens the plug to the recommended 
torque setting (10 Nm for instance), how can the threads be stripped, regardless 
of whether or not an anti-seize compound is used?>>

I really expected to see your answer to that question, which you avoided 
completely, before you responded with demonstrated obfuscation to the question I 
posed to your statement: "Many spark plug makers specifically say not to use 
Anti-Seize", which was:
2) <<Specifically, who might that be, and by what means is this information 
transmitted from these manufacturers to the end users?

Providing me with your "Elephant Dung" analogy was really a crappy response 
and one that dodges the answers to my specific questions.

Directing me to "Search their websites for Installation Tips" is telling me 
that I should go to the effort of proving that what you say is correct or 
incorrect when I am questioning the authority with which you have made some 
questionable (to me) statements. That is akin to a journalist making a statement and 
expecting the reader/listener/viewer prove or disprove the validity of the 
journalist's statement, when the principle of journalistic integrity places the 
burden of proof on the journalist.

You have stated that you "started to do a search" but ran into websites from 
AutoLite and Champion that were the same. Okay, I looked at those websites, 
and ya-sure-ya-bet'cha, they were the same. SO WHAT? They did no more to answer 
the questions I have asked than you have done?

You then directed me, as well as all other readers of this thread, to a 
Saturn Service Campaign which reputedly stated: "If anti-sieze compound is used and 
spark plugs are over-torqued, damaged to the cylinder head threads may 
result."  DUH, YEAH! If ANY thread is over torqued by some ham fisted shade tree 
mechanic who doesn't know a torque specification for an octane rating, it's more 
than likely to get stripped. What does this have to do with whether or not 
anti-seize compound is applied to the threads when the manufacturer's recommended 
torque value is followed by someone using a torque wrench?(Refer to question 
#1). And it still does not answer question #2 regarding the alleged 
recommendation of spark plug manufacturers. 

Please Tom, rather than dance around the questions I have asked in response 
to statements you have made, just answer them directly. In the past, I have 
really enjoyed your input to this List and have accepted your statements as being 
credible. I expect that I am not the only reader of this List who feels the 
same way. Please don't burst my bubble, and possibly that of others, by 
continuing to answer these rather simple and straightforward questions as though you 
were running for office. Of course, you could ignore this matter entirely, 
leaving me and possibly others to our own conclusions.

Gary Prickett
Mission Viejo, CA