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Re: Autolite 3923 washer

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Subject: Re: Autolite 3923 washer

Snipped some stuff:

> Here's a section from a recent Saturn Service  Campaign;
> "Notice: This engine has an aluminum cylinder head. Do not  remove the 
> spark
> plugs from a hot engine. Removing spark plugs from a hot engine  may cause
> cylinder head damage. Before spark plugs are removed, allow the engine  to 
> cool
> to below 490 C (1200 F).

I have, for the last 35 years, always put some anti-sieze on the plug, then 
used a rag on the threads to remove most of it. I will continue to do so for 
both my bikes and cars.

Having said that, if I had to wait for my for my engine to cool below 1200 F 
before removing the plugs, whether or not I used anti-sieze would be the 
least of my worries.