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Re: Autolite 3923

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>> How often do people change their plugs? I like to do my
>> valves/TBs every 3k
>> or miles (I commute a lot) but I'm not overly crazy about
>> changing my plugs
>> that often. I have thus far and, as Tom said, have found that
>> fresh plugs do
>> make a big difference.
>> I've love to know what the rest of you are doing as intervals
>> (best to also
>> specify air/oil/hex head too as point of reference).
>> If intervals are greater than the 3k miles, then is it possible
>> to buy just
>> plug gaskets? I don't want to reuse a plug with it's already compressed
>> gasket.
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I have a set of Autolite platinum plugs in my 1997 R1100RT, that I have been 
using for 55,000 miles.  I remove them once a year for inspection, and so 
far they continue to look like new.  I have never reset the gaps, and they 
are still within specs.  I apply neverseize sparingly, and reinstall them 
using Tom Cutter's technique. Original gaskets seem o.k.
It seems that Autolite makes a damn good platinum plug.  I'm just plain 
curious how long they will last.  I do carry a spare set of plugs (Bosch 
platinum) just in case.  The bike starts and runs as it always has, never 
skips a beat.  The only non-stock item is the exhaust system, which 
eliminated the transmission cooker, and is custom made, built around a Honda 
VFR muffler.  This provides a pleasant engine sound, without loudness.  BMW 
folks notice that it sounds "different" but to others it simply sounds like 
an engine running.
The plugs are inexpensive, but I'm just curious of the service life.  They 
are running platinum plugs in automobiles with extremely long service 


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