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Re: valve adjustment - feeler friction

In a message dated 11/11/05 2:06:34 PM Eastern  Standard Time, 
sundiaL@xxxxxxx writes:
<<At 7:56 AM -0600 11/11/05,  Mark Rivera wrote:
>I think this might be one of those things you just  have to 
>experience in person, but I'm in the middle of my first valve  
>adjustment and am wondering about how much friction there should be  
>on the feeler gauge. >>

It's real easy  to develop a feel for it. Just do a little experimentation 
with just one  adjuster. Tighten it until the gauge will not slide any more. 
Then loosen it  until the gauge falls out. Now set the adjuster halfway between 
those two  points,and feel how the gauge slips through with some small amount 
of drag.  Memorize that feeling. That is what you are lookig  for.

On an Oilhead, it is real important to use four  feeler gauges 
simultaneously, as the adjustment of one vlave adjuster will  affect the feel of the other 
three. (This is because the adjuster pushes BACK on  the rocker when the gauge 
is installed, which moves the camshaft slightly. If  you do all four adjusters 
with four gauges (Intake valves .006" (( .15 mm)) and  two at the Exhaust 
valves of .012" ((0.30 mm))) you will get nice consistent  results. This will go 
a long way toward resolving surging issues.  

Tom Cutter
Yardley,  PA