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Re: Chain Tensioners etc.

Hey Tom -

Thanks for your detailed thinking on my clunk.
I bet the start-up noise is the chain tensioner too... makes sense.
The puzzle is the running noise: it's the same sound as the chain tensioner noise on start-up. It does seem to correlate with thinner oil, but I'm pretty sure it's not valves. It's not the sam sound valves make, and besides I can hear my valves and they make what I think is a normal racket, not clunking.

Comments about rod bearing failure not being a known problem with my R1100 mill are reassuring! I'll keep monitoring, replace the chain tensioner when I can, and see if my clunk changes.


On Mar 6, 2007, at 11:48 AM, Tom Brown wrote:

Unless you've run the thing out of oil or something, I would guess that the noises you describe at start-up are chain tensioner related. You description sounds exactly like the noises my R1100RT made at start-up.

The high-temp increase in mechanical noise is caused simply because the oil is thinner and the rocker bearings are being filled with thinner, hotter oil that runs out of the bearings quicker so they have more room to bang around. You notice this especially at idle because a lot less oil is being pumped at low engine speeds.

L. Allen Poole