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Re: Changing to SST lines.

My experience with Galfer is that they have good product but lousy 
applications. When we first started ordering from them, we were often times 
creating the applications or correcting them. Since we sell a lot of this 
stuff, it eventually all gets sorted out, but in the beginning (Feb 2007) it 
was not good. We fax them a drawing and they make it exactly as we specify, 
then it goes into a BeemerShop part number listing and the kit is created. 
Problem solved.

I have had this same problem with Spiegler. They have more applications, but 
on occasion we have to send theirs back for corrections too, most recently I 
believe it was an R65 line with the wrong end on it. The R65 models changed 
a bit over the years and what Spiegler sent us was not correct. It just did 
not match the application in their catalog. We helped them sort out the 
differences in the early and middle R65 models and they corrected the 
fitting. We're now doing the same for Galfer.

Remember, these are not BMW experts that we are ordering from. With both 
Spiegler and Galfer these products are made in-house. They're just some guys 
in a warehouse with supplies, cutting and crimping tools. If they have the 
right information, they can make the product correctly. That goes for 
Spiegler, Galfer, Max Moto, Earles, and everyone else making this stuff. 
Either company will custom build your lines to whatever you want, and either 
company has some kits that are correct, and some that aren't.

When we order Galfer or Spiegler lines, we always confirm the length and 
fittings so we know they are correct. Neither Spiegler nor Galfer is immune 
from supplying an incorrect kit.  We've had no problems with the Galfer 
lines and we install them regularly in a busy full time shop environment

You definitely have a better shot with any of these companies when you 
custom order your lines. That way they will be built to your specs. Any 
company can do that.

I have also learned that it pays to talk to Paul at Galfer. He really cares 
about the customer and will bend over backwards to take care of you.

Ted Porter
Scotts Valley, Ca.

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> Ted Porter wrote: <<I agree with Tom on all counts except the part about 
> Speigler being the
> best. I sell both Speigler and Galfer stainless braided lines so I have no
> reason to be dishonest when I say I prefer the Galfer lines. They are also
> less expensive.>>
> I have no recent experience with the Galfer product. Years ago I had 
> problems with Galfers that did not fit and were not made to the sizes that 
> I ordered, and i have never bothered to look back.
> Based on Ted's recommendation I will revisit the product and see whether I 
> feel the same about it.
> Tom Cutter
> Yardley, PA
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