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RE: 20- 40 oil?

Wayne, you wrote:

"Given that these engines run hot and lean, I'd stick with what's in
the manal.  I run 20W-50 most of the time.  10W-50 in the Winter"
I also simply stick with what BMW recommend in the manual (I am on 20W-50
all year in our climate) but I would like to comment on your first statement
- I don't think Oilhead engines run hot in normal usage.

I have only seen my temperature on 7 bars once and on 6 bars about 3 times
in 6 years and these have all been in traffic holdups.  Remembering that the
oil temp is measured coming out of the engine, after doing it's work lubing
the engine and cooling the exhaust valves I would guess that the sump
temperature is a good amount lower.

My normal indicated temperture is 5 bars (~105C) and, again just guessing,
the sump temperature in those conditions will possibly be in the 100C range
or even less?

Just the way I see it but YMMV...

Clive Liddell
South Africa